Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (EWSL) Services

Our mobile Dornier Compact Delta II system – the perfect combination of transportable and performance- is exceptional in treating kidney and ureteral stones faster with less pain for your patients.

We deliver everything needed into your facility: Dornier Compact Delta lithotripter with integrated shock source and C-arm, dual mode imaging system (Fluoroscopy X-Ray and Isocentric Ultrasound), and multifunction Relax+ treatment table; along with set up and calibration by a trained support engineer and an experienced Renal Lithotripsy Specialist RT(R) to assist the Urologist.

Adaptable: proven Electromagnetic Shock Wave Emitter (EMSE) technology delivers consistent, reliable energy which ensures low re-treatment rates, minimal side effects and shorter treatment times.

Flexible: unique rotating isocentric treatment head allows both the shockwave and the imaging system to revolve around a single point allowing precise alignment of the targeting system and the shockwave focus at all times.

Integrated: combination of the shock source and C-Arm avoids risk of misalignment and allows visualization of stones from various positions.

Our concept of providing superior value and turnkey solutions is a winning formula.

Significant financial advantages include:

♦ Convenient on-demand scheduling
♦ No capital outlay or additional personnel
♦ No idle equipment or maintenance contracts
♦ Fee-for-service basis
♦ Fair market value pricing